Will Aurier Bring What Tottenham Need?

It’s been a while since a player so decisive has turned up at White Hart Lane. Let alone Wembley. But our soon to be right back, Serge Aurier seems to be the marmite player of the season before he’s even signed and rightfully so.

To say he comes with baggage is understating it a tad. A young man with a history of homophobic views and violent conduct certainly doesn’t deserve the rose tinted welcome any of our other signings will receive. He’ll know that, and you would have thought that Pochettino and his team would have warned him of this to.

That’s not to say this can’t be changed. We’re a fickle bunch after all. If he can do more talking on the pitch I can’t see it being long before he in dears himself to the Tottenham faithful, but more needs to be done. For over a century Spurs have stood up to anti-semitism with distain, it’s an intrinsic part of the fabric that makes up this great football club. Naturally this must transcend to our collective views on homophobia within the game.

After seeing the nationwide media reaction to the racist abuse Son Heung-Min suffered at home to West Ham last year, it’s clear that other forms of bigotry are often undermined in this country. The same cannot be afforded for Aurier’s previous remarks. To have that associated with the club you love puts a stain on it that you cannot ignore. Yet if we were to be judged forever on our actions from younger years then I’m sure a number of us would be looking a little sheepish.

Importantly we have a manager I trust to put that behaviour behind him. Over Pochettino’s three year tenure he has brought harmony and stability to the club, something we craved and missed long before him. You sense something must have been said or done to convince him that his new man is a reformed character. Sentiment doesn’t come into the equation and Aurier won’t be afforded any leniency coming into his new surroundings. Train well, keep a low profile off the pitch and earn the shirt.

In footballing terms he fits the bill perfectly. An attacking right back with the athleticism to combine the defensive responsibilities with the attacking intent that Pochettino’s game plan demands. We’ve looked unbalanced at Wembley so far and a player like him could be all the difference as we aim to push again for the title.

But what does this spell for Trippier? It pains to say it but his early form has been underwhelming. You would imagine he will go back to playing second fiddle to Aurier but then that begs the question of the young Walker-Peters. Third choice doesn’t seem sufficient for a player of his potential and from what we saw at Newcastle he looks too close to the step up to be that far down the pecking order.

At £23m he’s a modern day market ‘punt’ that may light up the league with explosive potential or he may be out the door in six months time. He couldn’t make it work in Paris, let’s hope he takes the responsibility to change his fortunes in N17.