Even though there’s been a lot of attack against the Blockchain, it seems it’s here to stay. A lot of governments have tried crippling this technology even though it’s been proven to be useful. Since the time of Bitcoin, there’s been a lot of other cryptocurrencies coming out almost everyday. It’s quiet tiring, if you decide to keep track of all of them. If you are a crypto trader, this seems to be good news for you.

A lot of altcoins coin high and low could potentially mean more money for you. There are a lot of exchanges that deal in cryptcurrencies, but there is none that deals in all of them. Often, you have to create lot’s of accounts with different exchanges to be able to trade successfully. This means you have to come up with complicated passwords and try to keep them in your head. [OnePageX]( is an exchange with a difference.

## What is [OnePageX?](
[OnePageX]( is the King of cryptocurrency exchanges. [OnePageX]( that let’s you trade your coins in a few steps like a boss. [OnePageX]( stands for ***One Page Exchange.*** It allows you to exchange over 140 different cryptocurrencies with ease all on *one single page*.

It does not require any registration making it the simplest cryptocurrency on the market. The simplicity of [OnePageX]( means you spend less time exchanging multiple cryptocurrencies. It gives you the luxury of not navigating to countless webpages just to do a few transactions. You don’t have to keep too many passwords in your head.

## How does [OnePageX]( work?
It is easy as ***ABC***. [OnePageX]( works by fusing with other exchanges to find the best prices for any coin.
You choose the coin you want to deposit in, in this case, BTC. Then you select the coin you want to exchange to, in this case, LTC. You then input the withdrawal address of the coin you are exchanging to, in this case, LTC.

You can perform multiple transactons from one [OnePageX]( page. Whenever you transact, it is added in a form of a card so you can see the status anytime you come back to the page.

### Use-Case
* Kwame owns an NGO. Lot’s of people visit his NGO’s website to read more about the amazing things his NGO is doing and also to make donations to help out. The only means for foreigners to donate is through bank transfer. His friend Kofi tells him about Blockchain technology and he decides to open a bitcoin wallet to receive donations for his NGO. A lot of visitors on his website love that he is accepting cryptocurrency, but they are complaining that he only has one wallet. Kwame finds it difficult opening multiple accounts to receive the donations. Kwame hears about [OnePageX]( He hears about [OnePageX]( and decides to try it out. Kwame decides to implement [OneBox]( widget on his website. Now everyone who wants to donate to his NGO can do so on his website. There are over 140 cryptocurrencies to choose from. Kwame now has more donations into one wallet. He is happy and his website visitors are happy too. They can now donate with ease.

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