World of Tanks

World of Tanks

When I was a teenager, I like survival game a lot. Many of my friends always get together, carry a lot of weapons, wear uniforms, play in different groups like in the war. It is not only shooting or getting shot, but team work with many tactics, and of course a lot of exercise because we need to run a lot in the uniform under the burning sun. The thing I like most is that, in survival games, it is just like the real things, we need to hide and look for enemy which is extremely exciting. How can you find a person to shoot but not get shot or not even be seen? If the game is a real war, how do we survive?

When people grow up, more and more loading keep coming to us. We need to study hard for the education, work hard for cost of living, or have more time to stay with our family. It is getting more and more difficult to get together with many friends together in person. However, I really miss the old time.

Recently, one of my colleagues invited me to join into a group playing World of Tanks, and this recall my beautiful memory in the past. The difference is that I can still work normally, stay with my family normally, and play with my team easily as long as I have internet, but again, when I like something, I am addicted, and I will have less sleep…….

It is always hard when you begin with something, but it is always interesting when you like something, no matter how much you sleep. World of Tanks is the game making me forget time exits. There are so many weapons to learn and choose, so many tactics to learn to survive individually or to cover others as a team work.

To be honest, my experience comparing to my team is still way much lower, but it is a real fun, and I guess it will take many nights to be with my team and learn more from the game which is like realistic one and have fun with my team.

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