Management: Millenials vs Cats

Fred McIntyre
Mar 31, 2016 · 3 min read
Cat Boss

LinkedIn Pulse is a vast resource for management advice. In the area of Leadership, there are several published leadership articles available to read including:

With the upcoming release of Dan Lyon’s book “Disrupted: My Adventure in the Start-Up Bubble”, there is also a broader conversation (eg on Facebook) around the topic of Millennials — in particular on the culture and management styles that have evolved as Millennials have made their way into the C-Suite. What’s missing from the conversation is any serious discussion and guidance for how to be effective and successful when you find yourself working for a Cat.

Very recently, the team at BandLab found itself under new management which has involved leadership changes and a pivot in the company’s strategy. While I am not allowed to share the e-mail that the team received to communicate these changes (under penalty of dismissal), I can share this management approved message — I Can Makes Mewsic

In my career, managing through times of change is an area where I have had some experience and success. I always think that it’s important to have a plan, and here are some of my plans for how to be a winner with my new Cat Bosses:

  • Laser Focus — Being on good terms with management is important. Having a good sense of humor and connecting with executives on a more personal level is how winners roll. Cats like lasers. I am going to start carrying a laser at all times.
  • Herding Cats — People in business often talk about herding cats. There are books on the subject. When working for cats, one thing that I have already learned is that you don’t herd cats, the cats herd you. Cats useMicrosoft Project 2002 Enterprise Server edition. Ignore this at your own peril.
  • Balance — In most human led organizations the amount of direct touching between managers and employees is limited, and generally avoided for a variety of reasons. Cat led organizations operate under a different set of standards and expectations. Cat Harassment is a thing and it’s important that you set boundaries and know your rights.
  • Time to Breathe — Nearly 10% of the population is allergic to Cats. Doctors are reportedly working on a Cat Allergy Vaccine which they hope to get into clinical trials soon. In the meantime, HEPA Air Filters will help.
  • Career Development — Cat Boss needs players on the team with Skills. So follow your passion to grow in a new area where you can make yourself more valuable to the Cat. This might including learning how to write Code or becoming skilled as a Growth Hacker. For me personally, I am excited to dig into the instructional DVD “Complicated Drumming Technique” from Jens Hannemann.

Summary — Having a plan is key. My plan for winning with Cat Boss is to always carry a laser, improve my MS Project 2002 skills, be vigilant about Cat Harassment and to wear an air filtration apparatus at all times (I’m allergic to Cat Boss). I’m also going to spend time improving my drumming techniques, because, like Jens Hannemann says, “don’t be so stupid that you don’t even know how to play the drums.”

I’ll share an update soon to let everyone know how things are going with Cat Boss. In the meantime, Cat Boss has requested that I share these tracks with you: Fancy / Iggy Catzalea and Cat Loop (16 Bars).

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