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Naofal Ali

Haven’t thought about what unemployment would be like without them, actually- because the majority of the world’s history is what life is like without billionaires. Now, we have a class of people capable of addressing a problem that has been with us for a long time. Sure, they do provide jobs and offer some version of work, but a substantial portion, if not the majority, of the world’s work is self-made. It is the 99% that create jobs, and the 1% that have inherited from earlier members of the 99% that organized human labor (middle class managers).

Small acts of kindness are not enough.

But if you’re interested in addressing that minute group of people who lack significant means and do not give substantially, or do not give some percentage of their earnings to solve problems they do not have the capability of solving- implying people of the middle class is stingy or greedy for not contributing to people poorer than them (when really, most people in the middle are about two to three paychecks from becoming impoverished) is misleading.