I Was Wrong about Trump Voters
Michael Baharaeen

All good points, but I feel compelled to point out a couple of flaws in what seems to be assumptions you make. When you reference Trump voters and their position on immigration and public assistance, you seem to have a hard time voicing your opinion that these factors do not mean we’re all racist. It seems as though you think those issues do indeed indicate a large degree of racism. I believe the truth is very different.

Most of us have no problem with people who immigrate here, BUT that means to do so legally. The issues surrounding the immigration debate, and all of the discourse, is one simple word. That word is ILLEGAL! Not only do we oppose illegal immigration, but we oppose public services being granted to those here illegally. It’s that plain and simple. That dies not make us racist in any way.

In much the same way, it is not the color of someone’s skin that creates division about the abuses of our social services. It is the abuse we have a problem with. There are too many incentives for people to scam the system. There are too many women with kids from multiple men, too many unwed couples living together with children collecting public funds, too many people driving newer cars and using the latest iPhone while collecting food stamps and welfare and too many people collecting unemployment and/or disability pay while working for cash under the table. And at the risk of repeating myself, the incentives to continue these behaviors are many. We who oppose these behaviors are not being racist! We’re just tired of people abusing the system and the bleeding heart liberal policies that encourage it.

In reality however, the key problem facing Democrats is actually a tangent issue you touch on, but seem to minimize. We conservatives are sick and tired of the social agenda liberals are imposing on our nation. The promotion of LGBT lifestyles as “normal and good” for society is a giant step beyond anything our forefathers envisioned. There really is a “slippery slope,” and while homosexuality is on that slope, the quick jump to promoting the normalization of transsexuality is way past the line and we will not remain silent anymore.

Not only will liberals continue to lose ground by staying their course, but WE THE PEOPLE have a real chance to undo more of the moral decay the country has suffered in the past 50 years. We need to reverse some of the laws that promote and encourage abortion, adultery and other sexual immorality in society. That is not to say conservatives are not guilty of all the same sins as those on the left. It simply means we cannot allow laws to stand which ignore the immoral nature of our bad choices. And we surely can’t allow laws to exist that do nothing more but wrongly equate immoral behavior with moral behavior.

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