Your freedom of religion doesn’t permit you to use it to violate the civil rights of others.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Another typical ignorant response of a non-believer. To start with, there was, is and never will be, anything actually related to real Christianity that supports the idea of segregation based on skin color. There is plenty that allows or demands separation based on behavior, including and specifically, immoral sexual behavior! It’s kind of like your claim to be a Christian. Maybe you are. Maybe you aren’t. I cannot determine that. I can however discern that claiming homosexuality is acceptable to God is 100% wrong. He is clear about it. More important, because I honestly care about someone who claims to be a fellow believer is being deceived by the lies of the evil one, I must speak up and encourage you to pray and seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit. If you do, the truth will be revealed to you. At that point, you have to make a choice.

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