White House admits the new Muslim ban will be the same as the old Muslim ban
Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani

Here’s the thing . . . Believe it or not, good people can disagree on this issue, and most every other issue society faces today. The problem is, for far too long, liberalism has been given free reign to infect our society with increasingly self-serving/progressive/immoral ideas. While I disagree with much of Trump’s style and his rudeness, the reality is, he got elected because he understands that half of WE THE PEOPLE are ignored and ridiculed by the other half, simply because we dare to have morals and values based on something outside of ourselves. That being said, do not assume we are any different than you. We still sin and do the wrong thing, however we do not seek to implement laws that enshrine our sin as socially acceptable or normal! Of course you will disagree and once again call me names. At that point, go back to the beginning of this post and read it again!

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