This is truly one of the scariest times this country has ever faced.
Brennan Thomson

It’s cute how liberals don’t realize this sort of bogus reporting is exactly why Trump was able to get elected. The left whined and cried foul anytime the right called their supreme leader’s methods and ethics into question, yet for no other reason than they lost so many elections in November, they will not STFU! Sorry folks, but making all sorts of wild accusations and publishing bogus “news” stories with no evidence isn’t any better than Trump exaggerating claims of voter fraud, IF they are indeed exaggerated! Personally, whether voter fraud exists or not doesn’t really matter. I have to show ID to cash a check, get on a plane, cross international borders or drive a car. How is it that producing an ID to vote a burden for people of color? Do they not drive or cash checks? Or is it actually that when they do drive a car, it’s illegally? Or do they actually not need to cash a check, because they are getting paid “under-the-table,” which is also illegal? I just don’t see any legitimate reason to oppose voter ID. It all seems to be a deflection from the true motive of supporting illegal activities.