How to Fight the War on Science and Win
Jonathan Foley

It’s funny how it was deep into this article the first hints of a “war on science” were buried. Sorry my friends, but there really is a big difference between “climate change” and “manmade climate change!” And the truth is, the conclusions are debatable. The problem is, part of the scientific community, not all as the left so often tries to imply, thinks they know all the correct answers, when in fact they do not. At times, they are their own worst enemy. They state theories as facts and then attack anyone who disagrees as ignorant. Sorry my friends, but there is no evidence that proves any species had ever evolved. There is no evidence that sexual behavior is innate. And there is plenty of evidence to the contrary of both. Most importantly however, it is a joke for science to claim their faith in themselves is better than the faith religious people have in God! No scientific discovery has ever disproved a Biblical tenant and placing scientific knowledge above Biblical truth is little more than a self-serving deflection.

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