An Open Letter to Trump About DACA, from a Dreamer
Juan Escalante

Juan . . . IF, as you say, you and those like you have “no path to citizenship,” I can support at least part of what you say. I do however have doubts about your claim for a couple of reasons.

First, when you use the all-to-common reference to “white supremacists,” it’s hard to take you seriously. I am by no means a white supremacists, but I do oppose illegal immigration and automatic citizenship for anyone and everyone who happens to be born here.

Secondly, when you claim that “all of them want to give back to this great country,” you can’t be serious. Many of them are indeed burdens for us. I personally have a friend who is just like you. And while I do claim her as a friend and care deeply about her and her family, I am extremely disappointed that she now has 6 children whom my taxes support, along with herself. Recently she was hospitalized for several days, and guess what . . . She paid absolutely nothing! If it were someone in my family, it would have cost me several thousand dollars, but instead I helped to pay her bill.

Indeed, I believe you and those like you should have a pathway to citizenship, but what did you do during the years you were protected under DACA to become legal? Or did you just blow it off, because you no longer had the fear of deportation hanging over you. THAT is the important issue.

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