Are you a psychologist?
Sabrina Hunter

Oh Sabo . . . You’re so gullible! There was never any new evidence that resulted in the removal of homosexuality as a mental illness. It was done as a result of political pressure and harassment. That’s all! Since that time, liberal scientists have increasingly shown the willingness to manipulate the truth to support their very unscientific rational for removing it from the list of diagnosed mental illnesses. At the heart of their deceitfulness are two facts.

One, redefining “normal” to claim something is acceptable because it has always existed, ignores the reality that there are MANY other immoral behaviors that fall in that same category, that we continue to reject as socially acceptable. Wrong is always wrong, even if people doing it, really, really like it!

And second, by establishing themselves as THE authority of all things human, they are able to inadvertently fool the weak minded into believing THEY are gods!

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