My Uncle: CEO of Intel, Time Person of the Year and an Immigrant
Ann Crady Weiss

Sorry my friend, but two major problems with your position.

First, there is a major difference between immigrants and ILLEGAL immigrants! When you, and people like you, leave out those 7 letters, you are promoting and arguing a false narrative. Most of us conservatives are fine with immigration. We are opposed to illegal immigration. While there are people unfortunate enough to be born outside the US, we are not, and cannot be responsible for all of them. Most importantly, like I’m sure your uncle did, proper immigration requires the individual to enter the country properly, learn the language and assimilate into our society.

Second, and this is very important, calling us names for daring to have an opinion different than yours, exposes you as the bigot and hater. I do not hate anyone! Trump got elected because he understood that half of society was being marginalized. Those of us who believe our laws are, out of necessity, supposed to be based in common morality have been ignored. Liberalism has infected our policies for far too long and we are fighting back. “Middle aged white men” are not the cause of all the countries woes! Liberalism is! “Live and let live” is a two-way street. That doesn’t make me a bigot, a homophobe or a hater. It simply means my voice is equally important as those of the LGBT and every other liberal! And the fact that my voice rejects social progressivism does not mean I’m wrong and you’re right! WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to be able to decide what behaviors we will accept in society. Not some court imposing a leftist agenda!

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