Twitter’s BIG comeback!

How going back to it’s core DNA will change the game

Fréd Ranger
Sep 23, 2016 · 3 min read

“Only” 300M users on the platform, no significant growth over the past 3 years and deceiving ad revenue numbers. You might think that twitter is dead, but “old-new” CEO Jack Dorsey doesn’t aggree and thinks twitter is more relevant than ever, and quite frankly, I aggree with him!

Since it’s launch in 2006, I’ve always been a big fan and user of the platfrom and believed in it’s utility since day one. The only problem is that Twitter lost it’s way over the past few years. here’s a couple reasons why this happened and how Dorsey’s team is fixing it:

Twitter is not a social network

In fact, I always thought of Twitter as a 2.0 media/news feed. The only fact that it was in the Social Network category in the app store naturally drove the conversation towards comparing it to Facebook.
Fix: Since a couple of weeks, Twitter has finally moved the app to the News category and owns the first position in the app ranking.

Lack of added value/differentiator

One comon thing you will hear of people not using Twitter is: “I don’t see the point of having another social feed to manage.” and here’s where I think Dorsey’s team has had the most impact.
Fix: With the introduction of Moments Twitter is going back to it’s core brand DNA which is to provide a platform that enables their users to know “What’s happening now”. From following the race to the White house, to knowing everything about a natural disaster or the latest brangelina saga. All of it in real-time, as it develops. Add the aquisition of livestraming app Periscope (prior to Dorsey’s comeback)and you have an arsenal of tools to share and consume real-time content.

Twitter is officialy (finally) a media company
And this is a big one! Twittter never really saw itself as a media company, but with the recent acquisition of the NFL rights to stream 10 games globally, Dorsey and team are now sending a clear signal to the market that the future of the company is definitely oriented towards video streaming. And that makes sense if you think about it. Twitter is tapping into an existing consumer behavior. People are already watching the games with a second screen/device to talk about the game and now Twitter will offer to do both on the same screen. And just like politics, sports is a great example of something that’s happening now and lots of people want to know about.

The future of Twitter is not guaranteed (nor any of the media/social platforms out there), but one thing’s for sure, Dorsey’s quick and long term fixes are really encouraging and the market seems to be reacting well to his latest move. More than ever, Twitter has now the power to turn any event into a conversation. I’m personally falling in love all over again with the platform knowing that the are embracing their original purpose.

Will you be more inclined to use Twitter knowing wehere the platform is going and already offering? If not, why?

Fréd Ranger

Written by

VP marketing @stingray_Music | Public Speaker | Business Coach | #Photographer & #Musician | 📷 : @fredranger

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