Teeth Grinding — What It Is All About

Headache can be quite painful. In some cases, you may be trying to get it treated from different perspectives but you just cannot figure out on your own regarding what causes the pain. Sometimes, a dentist may have the answers you need. If you have a headache which never sounds like going away, you may find your habit or condition of grinding the teeth as a major reason behind it. In this scenario, you can get this root cause treated to find major relief in the headache.

Bruxism and headache

Almost everyone grinds teeth at some point. When you are under stress, you may start grinding your teeth without even realizing that you are putting an extreme amount of pressure onto your teeth. Now, if you are, somehow, notified that you grind your teeth, you may be able to make a conscious effort to keep you from grinding the teeth. However, there is no such effort that you can make to prevent teeth grinding during night. Yes, you can grind your teeth during night and you may not be able to know about it until it’s too late or your dentist is able to identify some early signs. The headache can generate through bruxism. However, it’s not just the headache that teeth’s grinding results in. There are a few other outcomes too that you have to be concerned about. Those outcomes include:

  • Damaged, worn-down teeth and surrounding tissues
  • TMJ disorder, or simply TMD

Treatment options

Good news is that there are some effective treatment options that you can go for. The most considerable one which aims at nullifying the effect of teeth grinding is the use of a mouth guard. If you think that you cannot control it during the day time, you should consider putting a mouth guard in your mouth to prevent the chewing surfaces of teeth in upper and lower jaws to come in contact with each other. You can go for the use of night guard if you grind your teeth during sleep.

While you are using a mouth guard, you need to make sure that you are getting the root cause treated. Normally, the root cause of teeth grinding is the stress. This habit or condition can also develop due to TMJ disorder. Actually, the connection between TMJ and teeth grinding is two-way. TMJ disorder can result in bruxism and bruxism can result in teeth grinding.

In order to get this condition treated, you need to visit the dentist. Your dentist may be able to treat the root cause as long as it is related to the oral cavity.