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When creating a React application, we often have some form of authentication, with parts of the site designed for logged in users (e.g. a dashboard) and parts designed for logged out (e.g. a registration page). On top of these we have pages that are intended to be seen no matter the auth state of the user (e.g. terms and conditions).

This leaves us with three key types of page:

  • Routes only for logged in users
  • Routes only for logged out users
  • Routes for all users regardless of auth state

In this post I’ll share how we went about this at…

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There’s been a lot of talk about bootstrapping vs venture capital in the startup world recently, fuelled by the rise of self-funding as the bar to build and launch your own products is lowered, and the increasing frustrations with the bubble that is Silicon Valley.

As I’ve recently “switched sides”, going from bootstrapping to raising capital, I wanted to give my thoughts on both paths and the reasons I’m now taking VC money.

Why I switched sides

For a long time I’ve been on the bootstrapping path. For the past 10 years or so, Mike & I have been working on our own side…

2017 has been the hardest year of my life. It started with an overhang that had been building up in the final moments of 2016, which finally exploded in spectacular style. Most of why this year has been the hardest of my (comparatively easy) life so far is personal and involves others, so I won’t go into much detail, but suffice it to say, it’s been challenging.

Act 1: We are fragile

A family member had quite serious mental health challenges this year, which put a big strain on both themselves and the family as we tried to support them. …

You may have seen that Patreon recently announced a change to their pricing model, only to pull the plug after a huge backlash from their community.

So much was the uproar that even before pulling the plug Patreon were forced to issue an in-depth explanation to their announcement, like the chef trying to reason with the customer whose meal has left a sour taste in their mouth. In many ways the damage has been done.

As an outsider I can see both sides here. From Patreon’s perspective, this was an attempt to simplify things and exposing the realities of…

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100 days ago I embarked on something new. I finished my contract and went full-time on our startup. The timing wasn’t mine, it was down to the contract I was working on coming to an end, but the timing was in fact quite good. Mike and I were trying to get our startup off the ground and I also had a bit of upcoming surgery (see day 22).

When I shifted from nights and weekends to a mixture of days, nights and weekends, I decided to start a new habit, daily tweetlogging (or twogging for short).

It was for…

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Six weeks ago I found out that my current contract was coming to an end. Naturally a part of me was sad hearing this, the project’s budget was being cut and the product team would be leaving. I’d been working in a small, capable team and enjoyed my work environment. But a big part of me was excited. Excited that I’d finally get some time to dig in and work on building a business of my own.

Mike and I have been working together for over 8 years now, on and off. We started out together back in College (that’s…

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Yesterday, I’d just shaved and was cleaning up the inevitable beard hair related aftermath. As I was doing so a question came to mind: How much water would I use to wash the hair away?

It’s quicker to wash the hair down the sink with more water, but more water will be used. What’s more important, time or water used?

We all face questions like this regularly. It’s a part of every day life. Will I get a taxi or walk? Will I buy on credit or wait and save? Will I be honest or lie?

Similarly, we all have…

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2016 has been a year with good moments and bad moments. Overall, it wasn’t my favourite year, but despite some sadness in how it’s gone, there’s been a lot to be thankful for. That’s what I’ll focus on in this years review.

In this review I cover:

  • Books I’ve read and listened to and my thoughts on each.
  • How our side projects have gone.
  • Places I’ve visited.
  • Fitness update.
  • Best purchases of the year.
  • A few of my goals for 2017.


This year Mike and I both decided to try out listening to audio books. I spend a fair amount…

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“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering.” — Saint Augustine of Hippo

Isn’t it remarkable how little we are truly ourselves? We’re often so afraid that anyone will see us as we see ourselves that we wear masks and project our best version at every available opportunity.

As humans we are prone to over analysing how others see us. Ever noticed…

Credit: Dino Reichmuth

Knowing where we want to go is important. It helps us frame the decisions we make now that move us towards where we want to be.

In our book, Learning To Launch, we described how we strike the balance between the long term and short term:

Have long term goals in mind, and short term goals in focus.

This means knowing where you’re trying to go and having that as a constant reference point in the back of your mind. A North Star that you use to guide you on the journey.

For Mike and I, that North Star is…

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