A Fight To Death

A Fight To Death

By: Fred Schlissel


Do you want to fight?

Feel tough?


I’ll give you something to fight about.

Fight for yourself.

Fight as though your life depended upon it.

It does.

Fight to make yourself the very best you can possibly be.

Fight. Don’t settle for anything less than your best.

Fight the forces of mediocrity that want to ensnare you.

Fight the anger that will distract you and sap you of energy for the real fight.

Fight complacency that thwarts your ability to achieve your real goals.

Fight the distractions of modern life whereby entertainment creates a virtual reality that masks the majesty and glory of real life experienced as we achieve the very best that we are capable of being.

Fight life’s inevitable disappointments and failures that warp our capacity to take pleasure in our accomplishments and successes.

Fight the detractors and negative remarks of those who are too weak to fight for themselves.

Fight the human frailty that allows us to embrace victim hood and seek sympathy.

Fight pain from an injured or aging body, or the secret emotional pain of conflict and humiliation or from other causes known or imagined. Pain is like a bully. If confronted bullies are neutralized. Fight pain and conquer it.

Fight even when the goals are not certain, because they will become clearer as you go on.

Fight fatigue. Draw upon your inner resources. Fatigue is temporary and will pass.

Fight. Keep on fighting. The quality of your life depends upon it. It’s a constant fight.

It’s truly a fight to death, because until your last breath you can make more of your life if you keep fighting to fulfill your true potential, yes, until the end, keep fighting.

What if Einstein gave up before he discovered his Theory of Relativity?

What if Mozart gave up before writing The Marriage of Figaro?

What if Babe Ruth gave up after 59 home runs?

What if Jonas Salk gave up before discovering the vaccine for Polio?

Fight on. Don’t give up. Your very best may still be ahead of you.