Project Brainwash
Kimberly K.

Great article Kimberly,

I never leave comments on articles but you certainly hit a lot of important points that left a lasting impression on me. This is coming from the guy who’s been working on the other side creating personas, sales & marketing material etc.

I specialize in Google AdWords Consulting in the Pharma/Biotech Industry and have witnessed first hand how these AI programs operate. From organizing millions of documents and drawing patterns that humans would’ve never been able to fathom. I’ve also seen what these AI programs are capable of doing in the marketing space.

Advertising will never be the same. We’re living in a whole new world that the general public has no clue exists. I wonder what would happen if they knew even 5% of what is collected each time they use their computers or smart phones. It’s the same reason why I don’t use Facebook anymore.

I guess I probably shouldn’t like or share this article? Or comment on it? Oh well.

Brilliant piece.


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