Sorry Fred, but I think you will be surprised what happens in the next few years for well under…
Steve Sasman

BTW most flying drones are well over $1M, and still end up failing quite frequently at levels completely unacceptable for on-road use. Research the General Atomics MQ-9 drone, for instance, around a similar size to a car (and arguably it takes less systems complexity to fly a drone than it does to drive a drone because in the air you’re not particularly worried about other traffic or even the definition of the ‘road’ itself, nor wildlife!). Also those drones do not have to be engineered to a ‘life critical’ standard as on-highway drones would need to be!. Pet unit cost of a less complex drone is $17M. So $1M for an on-road drone seems very conservative and assumes a significant number of production units. Who will buy them remains a mystery as not many people have pockets *that* deep for the up-front purchase price, nevermind the extreme maintenance costs.

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