A Dishonest Mistake

Let’s start with the Facts and Figures: £13m is a lot of money for a 19 yr old who has started 10 games for the first team.

Now let’s talk about the third (and most important) F: Feelings. Football is all about feelings. For the first time in years, I was feeling excited about Saturdays again. There was a positivity around Forest and Burke had a lot to do with that. I felt proud that Burke was one of ours. No sooner had I allowed myself to start to dream again then this happens. Now I feel let down and dejected.

Selling Oliver Burke will no doubt provide a healthy injection of funds to reinvest in the squad. But I don’t want to reinvest in the squad. I was happy with what we had which was an exciting young academy graduate who was getting fans through the turnstiles and bums off seats. Football fans feel an immediate sense of pride when a youth team player breaks in to the first team. That pride has to be hard earned by new signings, especially those who are bought with the proceeds of a fan favourite.

Fawaz you talk like a football fan but act like a business man. You tell the fans you want to keep our best players while at the same time arranging their transfer. Everyone can make an honest mistake. With Oliver Burke you have made a dishonest mistake.

It is your football club and your money. I am not a business man, but if I was I would have recognised the value in Burke now and estimated how much that would increase. On August 5th he was probably worth £5m – £7m. If he is worth £13m now he will still be worth £13m in January and May but it is likely he will be worth a lot more.

Fans are realistic and know players have to be sold, but at least let us enjoy what we have for a season before the inevitable happens. Also there is no point reinvesting in new players if they too are going to be sold on for profit (e.g. Antonio and Britt soon). At some point you have to build something for the long term. Finally what message does this send out? Externally other clubs will know every player is for sale. Internally the lack of ambition could well lead other top players looking elsewhere and who can blame them.

As a club we have lost a prized asset and gained a large chunk of money. But the price paid was not just by RB Leipzig. As a fan I have lost a reason to believe and a reason to buy a ticket. I have lost my faith in you.

You have lost your integrity.

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