How to keep fit during a fast-paced coding bootcamp

Twelve to fourteen hours a day, sitting all day long and crouching in front of a computer monitor, getting up only to visit the bathroom. It is obvious that this kind of life style is not sustainable even if it is for a limited period of time.

Although the point of attending a coding bootcamp is to enhance your knowledge of programming to a level where you are hiring material to companies, you cannot turn a blind eye to your physical health. If you do not take care of your body then eventually your mind will let you down as well.

As a disclaimer I’ll come clean right away and say I don’t have any degrees in nutrition or physical wellness. I will present to you methods that I have found work best for me and definitely deliver results. It’s nothing extraordinary, just basic and solid know-how of exercising and eating healthy.

To get or be healthy you have to remember that exercise or dieting alone won’t work. It’s the combination of the two that matters. I would describe the ratio of being 80% healthy eating and 20% exercising. Meaning eating healthy is more important, but you can’t do without exercise.

While in a coding bootcamp you have very limited time so basically every minute counts. That’s why High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the way to go. There simply isn’t enough time to go hiking in the woods or cycling in the mountains for five hours. HIIT will deliver the same results but in a much more condensed time frame. A typical exercise ranges anywhere between five to 25 minutes.

I don’t have a fancy personal coach, but I do have my smartphone. And thanks to Freeletics I have a personalized algorithm that acts as my virtual coach. It will give me an entire week’s worth of bodyweight exercises, time me and monitor my progress. It really is the easiest way of having an awesome workout schedule being present to you.

I’ve made it my mission to wake up a little bit early each day so I could go and do my Freeletics bodyweight training. Before class starts is the only time I have almost certainly guaranteed free time so mornings make the most sense to me, but if you can sneak in around 45 minutes some time during the day then hey, work out whenever you want!

I’ve set alarms on my phone to notify me each day to get up from my chair and move around a bit. I like doing pushups to get my heart rate up and my blood flowing, but, again, whatever works for you. The main thing is to move around a bit.

With regards to food I try to keep it as healthy as I can. You want to reduce your fat intake and only consume healthy fats, like the ones you get from nuts, avocados and extra virgin olive oil. Try to stay away from unhealthy carbs like potatoes, wheat, rice, pasta etc. And sugar… That is a definite no-no. Try to limit your sugar intake as much as you can and just stick with fruits and berries.

I personally like the paleo approach to food. I don’t take anything to extremes, I believe in moderation. But do try to eat more FOOD, meaning anything that hasn’t been made by man. You can’t go wrong with nuts, berries, fruits and veggies.

So, as a recap: Eat natural food, not processed stuff; stay away from unhealthy fats, carbs and sugar; exercise regularly, preferably doing HIIT workouts to save time; don’t be glued to your chair and computer screen all day, get up and move.

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