The week in brazilian underground

As a reflection of the intense moment brazilian independent music is living right now, I will try to compilate some of the concerts that will be happening this next weekend all around the country. Those are just some of the gigs that will happen, just the ones which I’ve been invited to, which means there’s probably a lot more happening!

Thursday, October 13th

Herod plays Kraftwerk (São Paulo, SP)

The heavy post rock band who was personally choosen by The Cure to open one of their brazilian concerts plays their analogic Kraftwerk versions in one of the most important brazilian venues, the Pompeia unity of the SESC system. The guys also run Sinewave, one the most important labels around here, releasing bands on the post rock, post metal and experimental realm.

Saturday, October 15th

Efusiva Fest @ Motim (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

The girls from Efusiva collective will organize this massive festival with tons of political and cultural activities related with feminism, plus lots of musical acts such as the riot grrrls in Ostra Brains, Trash No Star and Bertha Lutz. Those girls are also responsible for running Motim, this new DIY space in the center of Rio de Janeiro that is already a revolution in our community.

Amandinho & Krias de Kafka @ 74 Club (Santo André, SP)

The indie punks in Amandinho will throw themselves in a suicidal tour crossing Brazil by car, and on this saturday they play in Santo André with Krias de Kafka.

Sunday, October 16h

Diminutivo Fest — Amandinho, eliminadorzinho e Quasar(zinho) (São Paulo, SP)

And on sunday they play in São Paulo with eliminadorzinho and Quasar

INKY, Ventre, E a Terra Nunca Me Pareceu Tão Distante (São Paulo, SP)


Now that’s a reunion of some of the biggests acts in brazilian independent music right now: INKY just released their album “Animalia”, with some crazy influences by, in my opinion, The Mars Volta and creative electronic music. Ventre is an all-star trio from Rio de Janeiro who makes non-classifiable quality music. E a Terra Nunca Me Pareceu Tão Distante is, by far, one of the biggest and most important post rock bands we have.


Mahmed no Centro Cultural São Paulo (São Paulo, SP)

Also in São Paulo, Mahmed will play in another of our country’s most important venues: the Centro Cultural São Paulo. Mahmed, hailing from Natal, is one of brazilian greatests instrumental bands right now, having been playing in the last edition of Primavera Sound Festival, in Barcelona.

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