ISI strike

We are the students of Higher institute of Computer Science Ariana (ISI Ariana) and we are in a Strike, Why ? well there are so many reasons to the point that your pen dry up and you’re still writing.

Let’s Clarify something, ISI students are one of the best students national wide , you must have a good score to access it .
Now back to the Reasons why we’ve stroked …

Students expressing their feelings
  • The place where we study, the place where we spend more time than our homes , The Campus or should I say the stable (A building for the shelter and feeding of certain domestic animals, especially horses.)
     actually the building was made to be a court but now it’s where we study it’s more like a prison .
  • In one of the university blocks there is a gas leak imagine that …
  • the Library the place that should be our refugee, the place where you should’ve be able to focus and study calmly, the place where creativity and inventions comes from; well this place is a mess apart from the part that it’s so small comparing to other faculties libraries; it sometimes turn to a conference room when there is an event by the clubs (because there is no auditorium ). To be honest I really envy other universities locally and globally where they give their students a full access to the library 24/7 .
  • talking about the toilets well no comment you can imagine the situation
  • Broken light bulbs , broken windows …
  • There isn’t a close university restaurant, they provide us with half of bread filled with harissa and tuna or chicken some times + a yogurt. well that might sounds good to some but trust me it’s not .
some of the students creativity
The university entrance looks like a store
when it rains you have to walk inside the university with your umbrella sometimes— — -—The toilet is an horror movie sponsored by the TV channel mbc2

The administration is like hell; and what proves my claim: in this last weak some of our students did qualified to participate in a prestigious competition abroad ACPC but due to some administration errors they weren’t able to.
 well although it might sound normal in Tunisia to have a slow administration with the slogan of come back tomorrow or each bureau sends you to the other one for just a small service, but daahhh if we don’t oppose to such cases we will never improve .
And the bigger issue this year is that Some classes are suffering from a big shortage of Teachers

Lastly but not Least;

One of the most important reasons according to me is that the university isn’t providing Certifications for it’s students are you Kidding me ???? 
please look to the private universities how many certificate they provide to their students : Cisco, LPI for linux, Microsoft, CEH for ethical hacking … 
At least help us in the cost or encourage us to have such certifications.
And then they won’t to get a better rank among other nations 
(va dormir va …)

This university doesn't encourage students to be active, to be creative, to participate in the new Tunisia 2.0 .
And then they ask the stupid questions why are youth wants to go to Europe, what’s the reason behind youth adopting Terrorism … well I’m not justifying but now you might now some of the reasons.

So ladies and gentlemen please support our Strike. And let’s build a better Tunisia Together .

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