How I Accidentally Joined A White Supremacist Movement
Caleb H

Your talking about me in two parts of the article.
So I want to clear two things up. YOUR A HYPOCRITE.

I was in the DM when the guy was ‘threatening’ you (lets call him person x), I have screenshots proving you were in fact threatening the person, and you and you friend were the ones who were being bigoted. Also the guy (person x) was telling you to be careful and not to rush into things, nothing else.

Regarding the kekistan union , me and another person (person y) joined it as a joke, and note kekistan union is satire. person y was the one who started the false rumors in pretty much all the servers , he resulted in pretty much every mod or admin from the main server getting kicked . We then joined this so called ‘kekistan union’ as a joke because we were doing stuff to create drama as people were taking things too seriously, and so was pretty much everyone at the management by the server owners and there huge political bias. Person Y wanted to bring the server down as it was becoming worse and worse. There are like 9 members or something in total, and then the writer of this article went and took screenshots of the convo and told person x the guy he claimed had ‘threatened’ him, to make this worse person x and writer of story then formed an alliance. me and person y were then kicked out and banned from pretty much every server.

The writer of this is guess what a 4chan /pol/ster pretty much no one from any other server is, they all know each other from discord. The write of this post also uses more derogatory terms than anyone else and can’t be reasonable when having a discussion with and will automatically turn to insults. And guess what I can tell you I know a lot of people in hwndu who aren't white, me myself included. SO it pisses me off when OP is using racial slurs and then will go and proceed to write an article about white supremacy.

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