Medicare Enrollment Center is NOT from Medicare. They are illegally using the Medicare name in marketing to trick seniors, through cold calls on the telephone, that they are from Medicare.

This agent, Michael Holland his 20+ employees in a boiler room at 6245 Powerline Road, Suite 102, in Fort Lauderdale, FL are calling thousands of seniors every day that are turning 65 and telling them that they are the “Medicare Enrollment Center.” They have actually obtained a trademark on the name “Medicare Enrollment Center” (see: ) and mislead seniors every single day that they are from Medicare and the senior needs to sign up with a Medicare Supplement plan through them.

This is a fraud against the seniors, Medicare, and other insurance agencies who are trying to do the right thing by marketing honestly. This is, specifically, in violation of section 1140 of the Social Security Act, 423 U.S.C. 1320b-10. They are specifically representing themselves as Medicare and each call constitutes a separate violation.


They use 1–888–825–5029 and list:

6245 Powerline Rd., Suit 102, Ft. Lauderdale, FL as their address.

Michael Edward Holland, Sr. also lists 4632 NW 100th Terrace, Coral Springs, FL as another address on his Texas license, that he JUST got in 2017 and only lists ONE insurance company that he writes insurance for. should not be marketing themselves as being from Medicare. Instead, it is just another Florida boiler room phone sales operation.