Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

The hubris of the public “intellectually superior” Bernie Left is a factor here. It’s impossible for them to admit they got “ratfucked” in the manner you describe. Their carefully cultivated sense of political and moral superiority is threatened by the idea that they’re STILL playing into Koch/Mercer/Bannon/Rove/Putin hands, but they have no way to stop.

I just reviewed Benjamin P. Dixon’s twitter TL. Memorial Day 2017 he was still attacking Melissa McEwan for her “silly” obsession with Russia, and inferring his sociopolitical superiority to Melissa because he and his ilk supposedly find economic survival “more pressing than Russia”. He was pushing a Nina Turner talking point, “people in Ohio don’t care about Russia”. Now, Dixon is retweeting articles about DJT junior’s collusion emails. Perhaps the next step is that he will slowly begin to recognize that the “russian” obsession is somehow remotely connected to the oligarchic, autocratic, kleptocracy that’s happening now and harming REAL PEOPLE.

“If only Russia were connected to DAPL”, they cried, “the media would have paid attention to DAPL!” Well got news for you fools; the Russian/Green/Rove bots piggybacked onto your #NODAPL hashtag campaign to inject propaganda against Democrats and YOU BOUGHT IT hook, line and sinker. Jill Stein went to Oceti Sacowin camp, posed with a bulldozer she graffitied onto. Then the bots spun into action screaming “Why Doesn’t Hillary write graffiti on bulldozers like Jill? She’s a corporatist sellout!”. Don’t you look silly as Stein waltzes off into the distance with her million dollars in recount leftovers (plus her Wall Street earnings and whatever Putin paid her), and DJT signs an EO pushing both DAPL and XKL forward as soon as he takes office.

Instead of saying — alert something is really wrong you keep taking in and putting out their propaganda. So the ratfucking continues. Tillerson and Putin will drill the artic pipeline destroying what’s left of Inuit culture and you’ll be claiming moral superiority to Democrats? GMAB. You are at the mercy of Putin when it comes to drilling. When it comes to social justice and civil rights? Guess what, your minds are now in thrall to the Mercers. don’t like money in politics? Say hello to the little Koch family, they have you eating out of their hand because you can’t admit you were wrong.

This is not relitigating the primary it’s about trying to show the Journobros who are very invested in their sense of intellectual superiority, that they are, at this very moment, being influenced by the Kochs, Mercers, Karl Rove and Putin and they’re misleading others down the same path. Continuous ratfucking until they wake up and get humble.