Emma was probably referring to some studies that have happened in the past couple of years that…

While I appreciate your thoughtful response, I completely disagree. These types of studies don’t reflect how white people actually live their lives or how they develop relationships with other people who happen to be black, Latino, Asian, etc. Or vice versa with non-whites and whites. If anything, people feel less for people they don’t know or have any investment in. That is not abnormal. But not simply because they have a different ethnicity. And, your giving this writer way too much credit for something she never implied in any way. Also, I forgot to mention that if she thinks that’s how white people feel, she must be basing at least some of her theory on her own personal experience. Which is kinda disgusting, as she’s admitting that she doesn’t have as much empathy for black people as she does white people. So, in closing I must say this is also crap.

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