The Equal Protection argument against “winner take all” in the Electoral College

I live in Texas, and have been living in a gerrymandered state for the last twenty odd years where the districts were drawn by Tom Delay’s corporate-money influence (which was against the law when done) and purchase of the state’s government. I have hope that this practice will eventually be rendered unconstitutional as our Government is drawn to be unfair and unrepresentative. It’s tough to live in an embarrassment of stupidity and conspiracy theory gone amuck, but until it’s easier to leave and let the fools tear themselves apart, there isn’t much choice. The votes should be proportional to the population, and not being so is denying me my right to express my opinion through the power of the vote. Making sure I live in a district where my vote will not matter is a bunch of horse manure as well. There is no mandate, it was drawn to favor a single party and disfavor the people who live in cities.

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