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3 min readSep 28, 2021

Among other services, Freecords offers a Streaming for businesses service which enables different businesses to play music on their premises. These can be businesses of any type: restaurants, cafes, bars, malls, hotels, etc.

As you might already know, if you play music to your customers, you will indeed need licensed music, as such use of music is considered to be public performance and artists are due a royalty payment per every song played.

If you are not familiar with this, then you should know that playing music from the radio is not something which is allowed, as such performance is intended for private use only. In the case of on-demand streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, or others, the same rules apply, and the music from there cannot be played publicly.

Now, any business owner or decision-maker could in theory go to artists directly or even record labels, but in the era of on-demand music streaming, there are better options.

The main differentiator between, for example, paying for a radio that can be used commercially and the on-demand business streaming services is in the fact that you can pick songs that will exactly suit the vibe of your business and affect the mood of your customers in the way you want.

Once you, as a business decision-maker have decided which path to take in regards to music licensing, you should carefully consider the pros and cons. In the following few paragraphs, we list the main factors to take into consideration.

1) Music library; how large is the music catalog of the company which offers the streaming, nevertheless, the larger the catalog, most likely there will be more songs within each genre. Bear in mind that some business streaming companies offer only one or two genres.

2) Price; as every business wants to save on unnecessary costs, it is important to check how much you will be paying and if there are any hidden or additional costs. For example, Freecords subscription costs 19.99 euros per month per location, while other competitors such as Soundsuit and Soundtrack are 24.95 and 39.99 respectively.

3) Features; You want to have control over the music being played. Soundsuit offers you the ability to exactly set the mood, and automatically schedule playlists, while Freecords offers the ability to create a dynamic playlist with the same song parameters such as genre, BPM, mood, and many others, so you can have a variety of songs to be played that all fulfill your criteria and wishes. Besides, with Freecords, you can get playlists that are curated especially for your business by our team.

4) Setup time and hardware required; While most competitors like Soundtrack need you to install a specific piece of equipment so they can monitor which songs are being listened to, Freecords and Soundsuit do not. With Freecords especially, you can get started just by logging in to our website and you are good to go. Our entire catalogue is accessible on three clicks.

Finally, every business is unique and so should be the music played to its customers. With Freecords, you will get new and emerging artists all the time, that no one has heard of before, and while doing so, you help your business and the artists in finding the right audience.

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