Hosting Your Github Page in GoDaddy Domain in 2018

Cory Lee
Cory Lee
Aug 5, 2018 · 3 min read

So you got your website all set up in Github and want to host it with a GoDaddy Domain, great! This is an tutorial on how to host your Github Page with a custom domain in 5 minutes.

First of all, go to your repository page and click setting.

In section of Github Pages, type your purchased custom domain name and save.

Then, go to GoDaddy Dashboard. In the toolbar above, click DNS and DNS Template.

Add a new template, I already have mine in template set.

Adding the following options :

And lastly add the CNAME option that point to your github account : <username>

This is how the final template look like.

Lastly, Go to Domain Setting in your target domain. You will see an option of Manage DNS. Click it and it will lead you to the DNS Management Panel.

Scroll down and you will see the option of Advanced Features. Click the template you just edit for github and apply.

And Now when you type the domain in your browser, it will directly lead to your github page :) !

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Cory Lee

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Cory Lee

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