Day 3 —

At times I wonder if the health craze in western society is no different from the hyper-sexualized foundation that supports gender roles and misogyny.

Man + Strength = Masculine && Woman + Curves = Femininity

Women do yoga for a nice body instead to help clear their minds, men work out chest, arms and back because woman barely look at match stick looking legs. I’m not saying this to say every man or every woman, but majority. Woman work out legs & ab because no chest work out can make your boobs grow. (If that was the case we would rule the bench press) Health & Fitness has been over powered by beauty and sexuality hence the growth of the industry over the past 10 years!

I wonder if the growth of social media portraying the sexy side of health and fitness is the reason why people find it had to stay consistent in their own health journey.. aka working out and eating health is far from sexy during the process.

Just my thoughts on this #‎100daysofauthenticity‬

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