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I have a funny feeling that as proud as you are inside of your ‘superior,’ although mutty genetics, you kind of have to wonder, when considering the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ [that thing your buddy Carnegie was into], how could it possibly be that the dominant race is the one that is — and rightfully so — scared to death of not procreating enough to still even dominate their own…country*?! Wow.

(*yeah, BTW, the ‘melting pot’ is definitely the place to hope for a forever-white population [you fucking haphazard cosmic joke made by a superior, non-god race]; there are like 200-something countries on this Earth with less genetic diversity and plenty of those are white as bone, how’s about you get the fuck out of the melting pot and find a nice White Mecca for yourself, because America is sick of your bitching, get off your ass, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get the fuck out).

You gray’n white faceless vixen, I have endless arguments and they are all — even the satirical ones — better than your dying point of view.

I bet your Facebook profile picture isn’t even of yourself. It’s probably that picture of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes just peeing and laughing.

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