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In some ways you’re right: Supporters of white nationalism — not ‘white people’ — will all one-by-one be labeled as racists, they will lose their jobs, they will lose their livelihoods, and they will deservedly be “ostracized in large groups” (which is pretty strange and specific terminology that I have a tough time imagining, kind of makes me wonder what #literature you got that from, cowboy!)

You forever perplex me, but not without endearing yourself to me, like a puppy that got old without somehow ever learning a single trick, I can’t stay mad at you, I would have nothing without you, I’d have to craft a bindle and hit the rails like the true white race: hobos*!

*[After taking a DNA test, it would turn out I am whiter than you {probably}, indeed I am 87.5% Hobo {the only group recognized as being ‘white’ during every single year of your foolish link}]. Respectable enough obviously, but it seems it will never be enough for my overbearing Hobo-supremacist, erm… Hobo-nationalist father. He expects the most of me, as you can imagine with stock like mine.