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Also, here is a quote of what I said that you originally responded to, causing this whole mess:

“As of this instant: 62% of Americans are white, 17% are Hispanic, 13% are black, 5% are Asian, 2% are multi-racial and 1% are Native American.”

This is all available in the link above and, like, the FIRST thing that comes up when you google it.

I would like to reach out and offer you some sort of funding so you can get some Google-Use Training.

Please explain to me how 62% white and 17% hispanic = 62% white+hispanic and I guess 17%……lizard people? I didn’t peg you as an Alex Jones guy, but I can dig it. ANTIFA! GAY FROGS! Sandy Hook = ROFLcopter!

PS:// When I said you were a white male christian republican with no real black friends, which part was wrong? I can’t honestly say I haven’t been at least a little curious.

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