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Quick lesson on If/Then Statements:

IF you say “if”, THEN you really ought to say “then”.


“If you dont see the soft displacement of white Americans with foreigners as a means to nationwide demographic changes as a problem for white people who wish to preserve their country and traditions, but cannot, because they will be labeled as a racist, and lose their jobs, livelihood, and forever be ostracized by large groups.”

IF I don’t see that as a problem, THEN what? It just so happens I don’t see that as a problem, what do I do now? I’m a sheep without a shepherd. I’m forever lost without your guidance. CAUTION: If you die in a shitty sentence, then you die for-real!

If you’re going to get so completely lost in a sentence that all sorts of clauses are written, and everything gets real murky, even though you expected the sentence to go fine when you started it.

(See how dumb that sounds and looks when you do that?)

Okay, okay one more example:

“Now I may seem like a racist old so-and-so…”

“But, what grandpa?”

“But nothing, whipper-snapper! Now, git!”

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