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Road rage exists because psychologically you just view the other driver as a car, no face, no expression, no humanity. People don’t have road rage when they bump into each other on the sidewalk because we communicate all sorts of facial micro-expresssions and it becomes clear there was no malice in the action. The same rule applies with online interactions. Go read the comments on a youtube video, these are not things people would say in real life for the most part. What do the 2 have in common? You don’t see the other person’s face. Also, when you know your face will never be seen, you begin to feel you will never have to face the music for what you have said or done.

You call me a child while you walk around with a virtual bag over your head. Give me a break snowflake!

Also, move to a gated community if you want to avoid black people. The fact that you care about what the racial make-up of the country looks like after you die is both extremely fascinating and deeply depressing. Just thinking about all the time and effort you must spend just toiling away, it’s borderline heartbreaking.

I know that the future scares you. I know. It’s gonna be okay, pal. We’ll get you through it.

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