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You seem to think that minority and majority are the only 2 options. You seem very polarized in general. Are you familiar with a “plurality”? It is that weird word that shows up in that link you tried to use as evidence against me(Oops, poops!). But, let’s go back to YOUR words:

“The FACT that whites will be a minority makes anyone saying that overtly racist?”

You see, “minority” here is not true (much in the same way the word “FACT” isn’t). Even when the majority of people are not white, that STILL doesn’t make white people a “minority”(your word, big boy), it makes it a “plurality”. Still more than any other group without having more people than all other groups combined. In whatever year it happens, there will be no majority race, that is very different than white people being a minority.

What year at the 2010 rate of white people not having enough sex for whatever reason will white people become an actual MINORITY(your word, buckaroo)? I would guess something like 2119 at the earliest. What do you think? I love the input!

PS:// Have you gotten a chance to take any of those tests we talked about?

I know you’re probably tuckered out for the night, Carlson and otherwise, but once you read this tomorrow morning, I urge you to take a DNA test.

I know it seems like #FakeNews, I know that science is scary and weird and yes I know that some of your more extreme white nationalist friends may not accept you after you find out the truth, but I believe in you (plus, you don’t necessarily have to tell them!), I want you to be #RealNews-level honest with yourself. Just for a day or two, to see what it’s like.

By the way, I should mention that I perform comedy on stage in a large city and I will be reading all of your words against your will to an audience. You are literally giving me material and making me money. Free Speech, what a beautiful thing. Keep making me money, keep responding! (I know this might seem like a joke, because of the whole comedian thing, but seriously, I would really appreciate it if you could find it in your heart-proxy to keep responding to me.)

Remember back when this post script started, good times.

Out of full disclosure, I should check with you: Are you also essentially getting paid for this conversation? If you are, more power to you! With your steady old hands and my vision, we could really go places, big daddy!

Good to do business with you! (Be honest, too many exclamation points? I sometimes can’t help myself)