Announcing the Freedium Ambassadors Bounty!

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Dear Freedium Community,

We are delighted to announce the “Freedium Ambassadors Bounty” Initiative:

2 EASY steps to win 500 FDM tokens, and additional 100 FDM tokens for every successful referral to our bounty campaign.

Go to our Bounty Dashboard and follow these steps:

1) Join our Telegram Group and immediately post a question or a comment related to our project in our group.

2) Follow our official Twitter Account and retweet our latest Tweet.

Invite your friends to join our Bounty campaign through your unique referral link and get 100 FDM tokens for every friend that successfully subscribes to our bounty.

What’s Freedium:

Financial Platform anchored on a stable currency powered by blockchain.

Freedium is the only true stable currency backed by real assets and hedged by smart financial instruments on the blockchain. This commodity backed stable currency will power a platform that unlocks liquidity to commodity owners and provides a wide range of financial services.

Such as Commodity Liquidity unlocking a $2.5 trillion market. Smart Trade facilitating $6.3 trillion of annual trade connecting traders to a global marketplace. Mobile Money and Remittance accessing a $425bn annual market. Microfinance and insurance targeting the 2bn unbanked population. As well as offering a True Asset Backed Stable Currency to crypto investors and exchanges. Freedium aims to address the needs of 6bn people and 60% of world’s GDP.

The future of money is decentralized and blockchain technology promises to revolutionize transactions by bringing transparency, mitigating risks and reducing costs.

Fintech projects have emerged using the blockchain but only partially address the inherent issues related to financial inclusion. Freedium adds the missing piece to make its blockchain financial platform truly effective by powering it with a real stable currency, the Freedium coin (FDC).

For more information about Freedium visit our official website:

For questions related to the bounty please post them in our Telegram community

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