QR Code for use with an Android device. A number of states around the world have long been known to conduct surveillance on media professionals. China, Ethiopia, Iran, and Syria are among the many staunchly autocratic countries where physical and online monitoring is a fact of life for journalists, intended in part to intimidate the media and suppress critical coverage. However, the issue of surveillance has shaken the press corps in a number of democratic countries as well.

The OSCE also focuses on topics such as safety of journalists, media self-regulation, access to information, professional reporting on the internet, freedom of expression and new media technologies. The Organization promotes sharing of best practices across the OSCE region to strengthen freedom of the media in line with international standards and OSCE principles and commitments.

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Not all information is held for the purposes of FOI. Information not liable for disclosure is information held solely on behalf of another party or body. Examples may include emails sent from the police federation to its members on the force email system, web page histories where staff have used their free time to carry out online shopping, a staff member’s private diary (even if it is kept in their office desk).

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