The Book Of James

“I have never loved any woman the way I love you, You mean the world to me, You are the best thing that ever happened to me, No one has one has total access to me except for you, I will do anything for you.” These were the powerful words spoken to me directly by my husband. I felt really good hearing these declarations and promises. I thought that the perfect man had captured my heart since I was single for at least ten years. I was thrilled at the thought of pursuing a relationship with a man who loved to read and study the bible as I did. How could I not be impressed our first date was at my church at a women’s conference. He did not have a problem with me being celibate and honoring that. I know that as a Christian honoring God by not having sex is the thing to however, society dictates something different. From those things alone, I drew the conclusion that my heart would be safe with him. I could never have imagined that my life and heart would be in such turmoil as it is today.

The relationship took off since he lived in another city four hours away, he agreed to drive up monthly to start. I was fine with the arrangement and we talked everyday throughout the day. I looked forward to talking to and seeing him with great passion. I fell hard for him and It appeared to be the same way for him. Of course we were different with different personalities and our own ways so I thought we could overcome anything. We had the common bond of Jesus, I thought. I did not know any other way to do life except for according to the principles of the bible. I made many mistakes along the way and will continue to do so, perhaps, but I knew that God’s way would always best. There were things that I did not feel were right that was said or done by my husband. I knew that I was not perfect and was sure that there were things that got under his skin concerning me. I live with the belief that love conquers all and that with Jesus nothing would be impossible. I trusted more in the words that my husband spoke than his actions. I looked at what could have been more than what was actually transpiring.

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