An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Work in America is not as easy as many would have one believe. I recall qualifying for food stamps with my first 40 hour work week at 18; and I started above minimum wage and did NOT have a nice apartment. That was decades ago.

A living wage seems a reasonable request. You provide a 40 hour work week; you should be able to live off of it, right? You shouldn’t have to work 60–80 hours a week to live. What does a college education have to do with earning enough to not qualify for governmental assistance from a for profit employer?

I am sorry what happened to you did. Most will not post their opinions here. They are afraid to have their say and state it too. Because sometime in the course of developing America’s industry; we ended up letting the rights of it’s people be controlled by big business over ONLY our government. And in big business we have no vote or say in the running of that business.

It is not you or other workers who should be blamed here. You are a product of an unreasonable wage environment for decades. “They” will tell us we are better off than any other country in the world. And we are. Because of governmental assistance programs that have never been able to go away. Of course, some businesses want to take those governmental assistance programs away too.

And the real tragedy? If our government would set a higher minimum wage; a lot of us wouldn’t qualify for governmental assistance programs now in place because we are NOT paid a reasonable minimum wage.

I don’t have any money to give you. Nor any advice. But I do wish you the best. I wrote this for one reason only: For you. To encourage you. To believe in yourself regardless of what has happened in your life. And to go on because you can; and because you must.

Best wishes to you.

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