Change your company now or you will be changed by the future world of work

By Gi Fernando MBE, Founder, Freeformers

The world of work is changing.

Flexible working means we can work anytime, anywhere. Automation threatens jobs, while digital transformation creates new ones. The blurred lines between work and leisure cause us to question where our professional pursuits end and our personal ones begin.

Newly-invented roles and responsibilities demand a radically redesigned skillset, but few know what such a set should look like. This poses challenges for employers and employees alike. Fortunately, they do not face them alone.

At Freeformers, we help companies prepare and react to the changing world of work. We do this by developing the standard for people’s mindset, skills and behaviours in the modern workforce, so they can exploit digital opportunities and technology investments.

It’s a digitally-led growth mindset that gives people the attitude and confidence to want to try new things and to carry on learning, every single day.

This is then applied in a commercial context, defined by a measurable standard that can be rigorously tested through our technology and assessed against desired business goals of our clients and the impact on their growth.

Our experience has taught us that digital transformation must begin at the top. This will filter through the business, encouraging people to seek new ways of working, build on best practice and leave them feeling supported by the organisation around them.

In our latest report, Freeformers: Mapping the digital future, we trace these ideals. From spotting the digital roadblocks to changing attitudes and on to exploring the benefits of transformation.

The report draws on the lessons we’ve learned as a team since we began in 2012, as well as the insight we gained at a series of working events held in London over the last six months. It also features industry figures — representatives of businesses and people at the forefront of workplace transformation.

You can download a copy from here and we hope it presents advice and insight that empowers companies to turn disruption to their commercial advantage.

Lifelong learning has trumped the ‘career for life’ and the perception that agile minds belong to an entrepreneur-class has been rightly broken.

It is becoming clear that exam grades and degrees are not the only way to judge how good someone is in this world of digital everything. This means there is now a great opportunity to create a new standard, taking into account other human characteristics and fitting them to values and purpose. This could open up the talent pool across Britain, moving from a view of scarcity to an abundance of talent.

Writing this in 2017, I feel privileged but responsible at the same time. At Freeformers, we believe technology has the power to create a world of work where we can lead our best lives both inside and outside of it.

Rather than fear challenges on the horizon such as artificial intelligence and automation, we must understand them and capitalise on them. The time for inaction is over: let’s harness tech and meet the future world of work head on.

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Gi is an engineer, social impact entrepreneur and investor, who previously successfully built a number of technology businesses, including Techlightenment, which was sold to Experian Plc. He is on various Boards relating to Creative, Education and Learning Transformation including Apps for Good, the community interest company Duke of York IDEA and plus is the founder of Code and Canvas ( and an investor in,Technology Will Save Us and The Skills Academy.