National Apprenticeship Week — What the heck is it all about?!

All you need to know, and why it should matter to you.

Ok, so I know for a fact that some of you may be thinking…“why the heck does National Apprenticeship Week matter to me and why are Freeformers so excited?!” Both very valid questions.

If you’re 16 or older, looking to take the first step into a career, then it very much matters to you and you should also be as excited as we are! Why? A whole bunch of opportunities are about to be up for grabs with the introduction of the apprenticeships levy.

Now I bet you’re thinking, “Uh-oh, buzzword alert” — I still have no idea what they are talking about.” But we can assure you, it really is key for you to understand the relevance of #NAW2017 and how it applies to you. MAJOR KEY ALERT!

DJ Khaled Agrees.

Let’s start from the beginning and give this whole thing some context. Got a few minutes?

Great, here’s why you should care:

The Apprenticeship Levy

National Apprenticeship Week is this week, until Friday.

It is designed to celebrate the positive impact apprenticeships and traineeships have on individuals, businesses and the economy.

But this year is even more important.

Opportunities for young people are now going to become a lot more accessible because the government are about to launch a new initiative The Apprenticeship Levy.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all you young budding entrepreneurs are now going to get on the BBC show with Lord Sugar, (sorry about that).

What it does mean however is that the government want to provide more entry level apprenticeships, bridge the gap between young people and UK businesses, and get people started in their careers and build the skills they need for success!

The government want to work with companies across the UK so we can create a future workforce that is world leading and internationally recognised.

That’s good for you, companies and the future of our economy!

How does this all work?

The Apprenticeship Levy gives most UK employers operating in the UK over £3 million funding and have to to invest in “you, the people”

Yes, Trump did copy Bane and say that, but our government has much better intentions for you. 0.5% of that £3 million has to be invested regardless, yay for us!

“And we give back to you, the people.” Thanks Bane.

This is a big deal. Companies that have not hired apprentices previously are now required to think carefully about how to make the most of the funding to empower young people.

BUT What’s In It for Me?

Apprenticeships can be your way into great companies across the country.

Being able to start your career with quality training within a business and get the best start you can!

Now, this isn’t only for people that have never had a job. If you’re looking to pivot from a current position, learn new skills, or perhaps are looking for a different option than the standard path of university, then an apprenticeship could be the perfect move for you!

Apprenticeships can be an incredible way for you to build your character and employability skills, all while getting paid!

What he said.

All this week, Freeformers will be getting all the latest updates on National Apprenticeship Week, the levy, and how all of this can benefit YOU!

Keep an eye out for our social media channels for all the latest updates!

We’ve got our very own Anthony Adeloye on the hunt to discover all the latest insight coming out of #NAW2017. He’ll be attending events and speaking to key influencers throughout the week around apprenticeships and finding out how this impacts the people that matter the most, young people. Throughout the week, we’ll be posting videos, blogs, images, quotes and everything in between! Stay tuned for more!

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