It Makes You Stop And Hold On

Last week, our town and my daughter’s school found themselves in a tragedy when one of the grade one students got struck crossing the street with his dad and older brother (who is in my daughter’s grade 2 class).

My daughter spent the week asking questions about it, as it was her first real experience with loss outside of pets, at the same time, this was someone she played with almost everyday at school (both the older and younger brother), so it was hard for her to grasp that she wouldn’t see her friend James at school anymore.

I’m proud of her for how well she did keep it together, my wife and I were there for her to talk about things she wanted to talk about, and she also place her favourite stuffy at the roadside memorial that had been set up.

I know I’ve been giving her more hugs this past week, it’s hard not to when you think about how things have gone.

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