3 Best Podcasts for Working Out

Having a nice alternative to music is a great way to mix up your workout routine. Listening to podcasts will broaden your mind, teach you something new, and distract you from your least favorite workout. Here are 3 podcasts that are definitely worth checking out the next time you exercise.

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1. Dave Ramsey

Genre: Personal Finance/Debt Reduction

Episode Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Appeal: Motivation for those who are paying down debt

This podcast focuses on its listeners. Dave opens the lines for listeners to call in with questions and answers them. At the end of the broadcast, an individual or family is interviewed. They talk about how much debt they paid off and their journey. They then scream “we’re debt free” in celebration. This podcast motivates those with loads of debt to get rid of it. Dave has a motivating no-nonsense way about him that seems to inspire people to get angry enough to kick some serious debt butt. By the end of this podcast you’ll have an endorphin high that isn’t all from your exercise.

2. Awesome Etiquette

Genre: Self-help crossed with talk show Q&A

Episode Length: 35 to 45 minutes

Appeal: Learn ways to handle tricky situations in your life

A great workout is like an antidote to terrible day at the office. Coworkers just don’t seem to know how to behave these days, right? Well, at least while you physically work off the tension with a good sweat, you can bump up on the proper way to handle difficult situations. When you listen to others who’ve experienced frustrating situations, you’ll also feel a cathartic release.

3. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Genre: History

Episode Length: Several hours (you’ll listen to a portion)

Appeal: Fall back in time and learn something fascinating while you’re there

For history buffs who don’t have enough free time to explore their passion properly, this podcast is a great listen. You’ll be distracted just enough to not mind a grueling workout. Who knows, this may even inspire you to take up a new hobby — genealogy anyone?

How to Choose A Podcast for Your Workout

The key to choosing a podcast specifically for working out lies in avoiding podcasts that can make you feel too eager to undo the benefits of working out or too depressed. For instance, a podcast that describes a succulent roasted turkey with all the fixings may lead you directly to a food binge when you get off the treadmill.

Similarly, a podcast that kills your motivated mood can suck the energy right out of you in the midst of a workout. Avoid self-help podcasts and shows whose speakers talk to deeply about their woes. You’re already taking part in an excellent habit by exercising, a podcast should maintain that motivation and distract you from the boredom of a workout by captivating the mind. It should also inspire you to find the motivation to improve other areas of your life.

Exercise The Mind, Body and Soul

A great podcast can improve your mood. Listen while you run. Whistle while you work. A podcast that makes you feel good and teaches you something is far better than that awful music your gym plays. So, download some and start listening.

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