Fight Beach Boredom with Fun Healthy Habits

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To some, the beach is the best place to be in summer. The cool water crashes into you with gusto. The warm glistening sand buries your feet. It’s an opportunity to escape, to enjoy the sunshine, to reconnect with nature. But, if you get bored at the beach — let’s face it, for some, it can be hard to sit and do nothing for hours no matter how scenic the view — here is one way to beat the boredom.

The solution is a circuit of healthy activity. Each “station” has an activity. Of course, there aren’t actual stations. Instead, the stations are more like intervals of time — each interval is devoted to an activity.

Repeat the circuit as many times as you wish. One time through the entire circuit equals about 3 hours of beach time.

Station 1. Apply Sunscreen & Get Ready to Enjoy

Time: 25 minutes

Use the time you spend putting on sunscreen to relax and appreciate the moment at the beach. Force yourself to stop thinking about everything on your to-do list. Instead, concentrate on the sights and sounds around you. This also gives you plenty of time to get warm before taking your first dip.

Station 2. Swim

Time: 30 minutes

The next “station” in your boredom-busting beach circuit is a refreshing swim. To keep it interesting, toss a football around in the water with a friend, swim a few laps or aqua jog.

Station 3. Air Dry & Snooze

Time: 25 minutes

Once you are out of the water, put on your sunglasses and lay down on your beach blanket. Feeling the cool breeze that blows over your skin while you air dry from your swim is one of the most spectacular feelings associated with summer. While you’re drying, use this time to take a nap. Or, if you prefer you could try to meditate or practice mindfulness.

Station 4. Exercise Via Play

Time: 30+ minutes (10 minute intervals of different games or play one game for 30 minutes)

“Station 4” is play time. Play with your kids or your beach buddy. Build a sandcastle, toss a Frisbee, bump and set or spike a volleyball back-and-forth, play a game or tableless table tennis or netless badminton. If you’re really feeling energetic, spend 10–15 minutes with each game. Try to take 5 games with you to the beach. This way, if boredom creeps up again, you can switch to a different game. Sometimes you’re in the mood for volleyball. Sometimes you’re in the mood for Frisbee. Here are 5 items to take with you for games:

  1. Frisbee
  2. Volleyball
  3. Table Tennis Beach Racket Set (no need for the table)
  4. Can Jam
  5. Football

Station 5. Enjoy a Healthy Snack

Time: 30 minutes

Next, it’s time to eat. Your day at the beach is centered on healthy practices: relaxing, practicing mindfulness and exercising through fun and play. So your snacks should be healthy too. Munch on some fruits and protein. Some excellent beach snacks include:

· Trail Mix

· Turkey sandwiches with a side of fruit

· Fruit salad

Station 6. Swim One More Time

Time: 20–30 minutes

By this time, you’re probably warm again! Cool down with another swim. If you didn’t aqua jog during your first swim, do that now.

Station 7: Read or Listen to a Podcast

Time: 30 minutes

You can modify this circuit as you wish, but a few times through and you’re easily at a few hours of no-boredom beach time! Feels pretty good, right?

Beach Time Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

A trip to the beach is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Go to relax or be active, the choice is yours. Just be sure to go. The feeling of spending your day outside being healthy is a great feeling at the end of the day when you get home to the AC and pop on a movie with some snacks. Ok, an ice cream treat is fine now, you had a healthy and active day!

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