Summer at The Greek

A Quick & Delicious Summer Recipe That Can Be Gluten-Free

If you don’t have a place to beat the heat, try cooling the palate instead. This delicious Mediterranean-inspired pita recipe takes less than 15 minutes to prepare. Make a single batch that lasts you the entire week if you’re pressed for time.

Star Ingredients Keep You Hydrated & Healthy

The summer is usually a time to enjoy the outdoors and kick back with fruity cocktails. Proceed with caution though, the more time you spend outside in the heat, the more likely you are to sweat. That sweat, combined with the water lost through increased urination (because you drank those delicious craft-cocktails) may leave you dehydrated. Eating meals with water-laden vegetables is a healthy way to fight water loss while getting a host of vitamins and minerals.


Lettuce is 96% water by volume. Composed largely of water and fiber, lettuce helps combat dehydration brought on by the summer heat. Plus, with minimal calories (we’re talking close to zero), you can eat a lot of lettuce without worrying about weight gain.


Cucumbers have a variety of B vitamins. Known to help reduce anxiety, the B vitamins in cucumbers might just come in handy this summer for those who tend to feel anxious instead of bored when met with lots of free time.

Shape Magazine found research by scientists at the Aberdeen Medical School that said eating a cucumber after a workout this summer may be a more effective way to re-hydrate.


Another watery vegetable, the tomato, can ward off summertime dehydration if eaten in combination with other foods and water. But, tomatoes also have a lot of vitamin C in them. Vitamin C fights cancer causing agents in the body. So, while it’s not time to chuck the sunscreen, the cancer-fighting benefits of the tomato can at least help fight the damage you may have caused when you went suntanning and forgot the sunscreen.

Ingredient List

You’re likely to have most of these ingredients on hand, the rest can be easily obtained at your local market or grocery store. This recipe will make enough tzatziki sauce for two people for the week. Cook all the meat or rice ahead of time if you don’t want to cook again this week.

  • 2 c Plain Yogurt
  • 2 Cucumbers
  • 3 Garlic cloves
  • 3 T Lemon juice
  • 3T Olive oil
  • 1 Tomato
  • ½ Onion
  • Lettuce (enough for each person to put on their pita)
  • Choice of meat (lamb, beef or chicken is recommended)
  • Pita &/or rice

6 Easy Steps That Take Less Than 15 Minutes, Total!

Step 1. Cook the meat.

After, heating a few spoonfuls of olive oil in a pan, cook your meat. Choose your favorite Mediterranean spices for flavor.

  • I recommend coriander, white pepper, garlic and a pinch of salt to start for a middle-eastern twist but experiment and have fun, it’s summer after all!

Step 2. Prepare the tzatziki sauce.

This recipe is easy to follow and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare.

  • I recommend using a NutriBullet instead of a food processor or blender because they are easier to clean and take up less counter space. I also modified this recipe and used only 1 cucumber.

Step 3. Dice the onion and tomato and cut up the lettuce.

Step 4. Put the meat, onion, tomato, lettuce & tzatziki over your pita.

Step 5. Make it gluten-free (optional)

Absolutely delicious gluten-free pitas can be purchased here. Keep them frozen until you’re ready to eat them, then microwave each pita for 30 seconds. These are the best gluten-free pitas I’ve ever eaten. They taste better than the “real” thing! Of course, by substituting rice for a pita, you create a naturally gluten-free meal without the hassle of ordering special pitas.

Step 6. Enjoy & share the love by spreading this recipe.

Beat the Heat

The tzatziki sauce is immediately cool and refreshing on the tongue and this meal is light yet filling. It’s the perfect summertime meal. Wrap it up and eat it cold at the beach or enjoy it with a glass of white wine at home on the porch as a the sun sets. The gluten-free pitas can be re-purposed and used for a breakfast burrito if you have leftovers. So go on, give it a try! Deliciousness awaits!

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