Unique Gifts Rescue A Budget in Crisis

Birthdays, Christmas, baptisms and bar mitzvahs can wreak havoc on even the most organized budget. Too often we forget to plan for these expenditures. And, sometimes they are completely unexpected if we didn’t plan on being invited to the party. Nevertheless, there is a way to truly impress the crowd with your gift without robbing the bank.

Impress that someone special without cracking your piggy bank open by buying them a unique gift. Unique gifts can get away with being on the cheaper side because they are thoughtful (or humorous) reflections of the recipient.

View this list for some amazing ideas.

1. Swing Necklace

Cost: $19.90

Seller: Etsy (Miss Diary)

Image sourced from MissDiary at Etsy

This necklace strikes an emotional chord with those who have memories of swinging on a backyard swing. It’s a great gift for little girls or adults who still have that spirited sense of wonder and amusement.

2. Rock, Paper, Scissor Necklace

Cost: $21.00

Seller: Etsy (The Bowed Arrow)

Image sourced from The Bowed Arrow at Etsy

Remember those childhood games of rock, paper, scissors? Perhaps you still play it to see who picks up the bar tab? This is a great gift for ladies with a sense of humor and a unique personal style. Remember, gifts that prompt people to remember fond memories are always hits!

3. Hair Tie Bracelet

Cost: $19.95+

Seller: Bittersweet by Maria Shireen

Image sourced at mariashireen.com

This is a practical gift. It can actually be dangerous to leave a hair tie on your wrist all day if it cuts off your circulation. Whatever you do, don’t sleep with it around your wrist. This gift is a simple, beautiful and completely functional solution for gals who need a better way to carry their hair tie.

4. Bring Me A Glass of Wine Socks

Cost: $1.30+

Seller: Various on Amazon

Image sourced at ALNDA on Amazon

These socks are hilarious! Give them to that person in your life who loves a good glass of wine. The two of you will be getting a kick out of this for years to come. Buy a matching pair for yourself and get together to see if the other people in the house actually follow the directions on these socks and bring you a glass of wine.

5. The Gift of Future Work

Cost: $15+

Seller: Etsy (Template Craft)

Image sourced at Template Craft on Amazon

If you’re comfortable giving a gift that keeps on giving, consider buying a resume template that can be personalized. Resumes are trending toward creativity these days. It’s becoming more mainstream to list your social media platforms and how to reach you on them. These resumes accomplish the job and the user can make several different version from one template.

Giving Doesn’t Mean You Go Broke

When you’re in a pinch because you’ve been invited to a celebration that wasn’t factored into your budget, don’t panic. A unique gift that elicits an emotional response is always a crowd pleaser. And, fortunately for you, they are usually affordable.

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