SWARM Fund — cooperative Ownership Platform for Real Assets (past 2nd)

Swarm seeks to not only create interesting software, but also a community of those interested in sharing their project opportunities with other Swarm participants.

With the Swarm investment platform serving as a technology reference framework as well as a global liquidity hub, decentralized application developers will be able to create new classes of investment assets that can be used in any number of simple or complex applications. This is asset classes in which to pilot the Swarm Platform, and a number of use cases that Swarm has identified as interesting target markets and which are readily deployable using the Swarm Platform:


The token distributed during the token launch is known as the Swarm Token, or SWARM. The SWARM token is a standard ERC20 token (on the Ethereum platform) that allows one to use the Swarm software platform. The utility unlocked by the SWARM token is the ability to create subfunds, participate in token offerings of Swarm projects, get access to information that is exclusive to our network, and execute network governance functions. Participation of its members is key to the Swarm platform. Over time, more functionality will be released that helps generate swarm intelligence for the benefit of the network. This follows the model pioneered by Visa, SWIFT, and other consortia where common infrastructure is maintained by member organizations.

The Swarm model has two layers. The first layer is a utility token which allows access to the underlying subtokens and grants access to the Swarm’s governance technology. The second layer includes the many financial opportunities run by the Swarm syndication partners and made possible through their own applications and tokens on the SUN (Swarm Utility Network). The use of Swarm Services and Application layers happens on the Swarm Utility Network (SUN). Participants of SUN will be charged fees, similar to those of a trading market (SUN Fees).

These fees will initially be denominated in cryptocurrency, namely ETH or BTC, but later also in SWARM tokens. SUN tokens can be custom to each project. Once the Swarm network clears way for a new application to be established, participants of SUN can release their own tokens (SUN Tokens) for their application, against which they can raise their own application liquidity, ultimately in both crypto and fiat funds. SUN tokens can evolve into different versions based on newer features or governance structures. SUN tokens can abide by their own governance and regulations, subject to oversight by the Swarm community.

The SWARM tokens are created for the network to govern a market infrastructure for a much larger pool of assets running on the Swarm Utility Network. The initial supply of SWARM tokens is imensioned for an asset pool of $5B in value.

As the capital deployed into the Swarm Utility Network surpasses the threshold value of $5B, the Swarm foundation can issue tokens at a fixed rate (3.5%) relative to the amount of capital raised. For example, $100mm of fiat will authorize the creation of 3.5mm new tokens. The rate (but not the threshold value) may be adjusted periodically by Swarm’s governing bodies. The Swarm foundation may use this for sustainable future financing and development budget.

Swarm Token Sale Start Date: September 7th — 22nd

Standard Token Issuance: 100,000,000.

Token Sale Target: 33,000,000 tokens up to $55m.

Token Sale Reserve: 32,000,000 via additional minting process to reach max cap $255m.

At Max Cap $255m is raised, 65,000,000 tokens sold while extending total issuance to 132,000,000.

To learn more about SWARM Fund, you need to familiarize yourself with:

Light Paper http://swarmlightpaper.strikingly.com,

White Paper https://swarm.fund/wp-content/uploads/Cooperative-Ownership-Platform-for-Real-Assets.pdf and join the group in

Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEMPAz9QWYGPz4dDkA

or Slack https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEMPAz9QWYGPz4dDkA.

Official website of the SWARM project https://swarm.fund/

happy weblancer https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1057545