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Aug 20, 2018 · 5 min read

FreeLotto is best known for giving people six free chances to win every single day, but it offers more than prizes to its players. It also offers FreeLotto players opportunities to do a bit of good in the world through gifts to Click2Give Charities. Players who win small prizes are given the chance to donate their winnings to any of 22 international charities through Click2Give Charities, and FreeLotto itself donates to these charities itself, sharing some of its proceeds with people in need.

About the Click2Give Charities Program

Click2Give Charities, FreeLotto’s charity lotto program, was launched in 2003. It was built upon the idea that $1 or $5 prize often won by FreeLotto players would not make a lot of difference in the lives of the people that win them. However, when donated to worthwhile charities that positively impact people in need, those small prizes could certainly add up to create a large and positive impact on the lives of the many people served by these charities.

With that concept in mind, the Click2Give Charities program was created to make it very easy, with just a few clicks of the mouse, to give those small prizes to any of the 22 charities affiliated with this program. The idea caught on quite nicely, and FreeLotto players have been giving generously ever since, providing much-needed funding to these charitable organizations.

How Do FreeLotto Players Donate to Click2Give Charities?

FreeLotto players who win a third or fourth place prize playing the Classic FreeLotto game are given the opportunity to participate in the Click2Give program. Third place prize winners are players who submitted an entry that matches 4 of the 6 winning numbers in Classic FreeLotto, which earns them a $5 prize. Fourth place winners must match 3 of the 6 winning numbers in Classic FreeLotto to earn a prize of $1.

When these third and fourth prize winners are selected to claim their prizes, they will receive an email that confirms their win. That email offers them two options. They can request that their prize amount be sent to them as a check, or they can follow an enclosed link to the Click2Give program page to choose one of the participating charities listed there. Once players click on the charity of their choice, FreeLotto will donate their winnings to that charity on their behalf.

Charity Choices for Donating FreeLotto Players

The Click2Give program offers FreeLotto Players a variety of worthy causes to support. They can choose to donate to any of the following charitable organizations:

· The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change (The King Center) — Established by Coretta Scott King in 1968 to memorialize the life, work and philosophy of her husband, this organization works to support beneficial programs, public information and education.

· The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence — Dedicated to ending domestic violence in families.

· The Robin Hood Foundation — Funds effective poverty-fighting programs with the goal of ending poverty in New York City.

· Big Brothers Big Sisters — Provides volunteer mentors to needy youth, as well as professional support to these youths and their families.

· Meals on Wheels America — Provides financial support to more than 900 community meal delivery programs that benefit the elderly and disabled.

· City of Hope — Supports the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer through research and patient care.

· The Smile Train — Helps millions of children throughout the world who are affected by cleft lip and palate. They fund free surgery for children, free training for doctors and research to find a cure.

· Disabled American Veterans — Works to build better lives for disabled American veterans and their families.

· The National Coalition for The Homeless — Provides education and advocacy related to achieving affordable housing, health care, civil rights protection and livable incomes for low income American individuals and families.

· The Orphan Foundation of America — Provides scholarships and support to hundreds of teens in the foster care system.

· The Association for Science in Autism Treatment — Works to provide information on and access to science-based treatment for people with autism.

· The Monsoon Accessorize Trust — Works to improve the lives of disadvantaged children, youth and women in South Asia.

· The American Campaign for Prevention of Child Abuse — Supports community prevention and treatment programs that address family violence.

· Wildlife Trust — This organization works to create a healthy, more secure environment for all living things.

· Action for Child Protection — Helps keep children safe by providing training, consultation and support to social workers and other professionals.

· Child Welfare Fund International — Supports non-governmental child welfare agencies and organizations in nearly fifty developing countries around the world.

· Cancer Treatment Research Foundation — Works to raise, manage and distribute resources for innovative cancer research and educational programs.

· World Emergency Relief — Works to give children a better chance’ through emergency relief, feeding programs, medical care, schools, orphanages in the US and 26 countries.

· The Covenant House — Provides shelter to homeless and runaway youth.

· National Center for Missing and Exploited Children — Leads national efforts to locate and recover missing children and raises public awareness about preventing child abduction and sexual exploitation.

· Amnesty International USA — Works to free prisoners of conscience, gain fair trials for political prisoners and end torture, political killings and the death penalty throughout the world.

· amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research — Dedicated to AIDs research, HIV prevention and sound AIDS-related public policy.

Just How Much Has Been Donated by FreeLotto And Their Players So Far?

FreeLotto’s Click2Give program has been very successful in its mission of combining many small gifts from generous FreeLotto players and subscribers into a steady flow of funds to charity that has a significant impact on many lives. As of 2018, FreeLotto users have contributed $1,371,358 to charities affiliated with the program, and Plasmanet, Inc., the creator of, has given $737,721. This adds up to a total of $2,109,079 donated to these worthy causes. Since its inception in 1999, has given away over $100 million in prizes.

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